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Poverty In The Philippines: A Dad Takes His Daughters For Fast Food But Can't Order For Himself

This man is a symbol of paternal love.

25 Years Ago A Teen Disappeared. Some New Tweets May Help Uncover Clues About What Happened

Hopefully the power of social media will help bring her home.

A Mom Noticed Black Dots In Her Baby's Nose, Then Realized What Caused Them

You too could be giving your kid these same black dots.

If Your Kid Has One Of These 12 Signs, They May Have One Special Talent

This is a great talent to have.

What Was Found Inside The Stomachs of These Dead Whales Is Incredibly Depressing

Please remember: the ocean isn't your own personal garbage can.

If You See This Symbol On A Baby's Crib, Here Is Why You Do Not Ask The Parents About It

You just never know what the person next to you in going through.

Photos Capture The Aftermath Of Hurricane Irma At Disney World

One of the largest storms in recorded history hit Disney theme parks in Orlando. Here's how they fared.

11 Most Unsafe Countries For Women In The World

Oppression, rape, abuse, murder. Millions of women around the world are suffering.

Watch Dennis Rodman Sing Happy Birthday to Kim Jong-Un in 2014

I think they have a thing going on.

When This Mom Heard A Cry Coming From the Basement Of A Daycare Center, The Worker Admitted Something Horrible

This story will make you think twice about dropping your kid off at daycare.

A Former Scientologist Is Revealing The Most Shocking Secrets Behind The Religion

Spoiler alert: being a Scientologist is a lot like living in North Korea.

These Paramedics Were Arrested For Taking Morbid Selfies With Their Patients

When paramedics started taking inappropriate selfies with patients, they landed themselves in a heap of trouble.

This Is What Life Is Like Inside The Terrifying Prison That Guards Are Too Afraid To Enter

The gangs, not the guards, are the law in this notorious El Salvadorian prison.

11 Mind-Blowing Viral Photos That Were Actually Fake

Not everything you see on the Internet should you believe. People will post whatever they want, even if it fake and distribute it online. Going viral.

This Mammoth But Gentle Huntsman Spider Looks Like Something Out Of 'Harry Potter'

A spider the size of your head? It sounds like something out of a nightmare, but this Huntsman Spider is very, very real.