This New Memes App Might Be The Next Game Changer In Meme-Making


You're stuck at home, doing nothing at all. On social media, your friends are doing cool things; creating dope art, learning how to make pasta from scratch, or running virtual marathons. Well, none of those things are really in your wheelhouse. But you know you love a good meme and you want to start making them. Thing is, you don't know how to make a meme.'ve come to the right place.

What is the Memes App?

It's the new memes app, and it's going to change the way you look at memes, because you're going to be the one making them. And if you were already making them, well, it just got a lot easier.

The memes app is an entire platform dedicated to meme culture. With a super user-friendly interface, you can literally make an entire meme from scratch in less than a minute. Yes, you, and yes, in less than sixty seconds.


You get to create your custom memes by searching among a database of thousands of images, and then use a meme template complete with text, gifs, and stickers of your choice. You also can go template-free, or use your own custom image. And now that video is more popular than ever, you can even use advanced video editing tools. What more could you need in one single app?

So, Why the Memes App?

Why spend hours teaching yourself how to create memes through a series of complicated Photoshop lessons when you can hop on the memes app instead? (We think that question answers itself.) Besides what we already said — you can make memes in under a minute — here's why the app is gonna be a game changer in meme making....

It's Free

Everything we've been talking about, you get to download from the app store for free. All your fonts, text, frames, and meme templates are all right there waiting for you, and you don't have to spend a penny. It's just memes for the masses.

Of course, there is a paid version of the app at $32.99 a year, which is less than three dollars a month. With that version, you get your Memes watermark removed, and you don't have to look at ads anymore. You also get more meme customization options. Either way, it's the best way out there to easily make memes that are all your own.

It's Social Media, But Just Memes

You know the thing you enjoy seeing most when you scroll through Instagram are the meme accounts you follow. Sure, you might flip through a carousel about Aunt Sheryl's cat, but you're actually just wishing you had more memes before your eyes.


Instead of having to look at cats, you can look at just memes. Maybe even memes of cats. You get to create a custom profile, and look through your news feed of memes. You can also follow other users on the app and like their memes and comment, just like other social media. But this time, you can build your following with literally just memes and nothing else. This is the internet we want to live in. You can even create group chats to share memes or direct messages.

You'll Discover New Meme Content

You're tired of getting sent a meme by your friend and have to disappointingly tell them that you've already seen it. That's not fun for anybody. Well, with so much content being generated via the meme app, you've stumbled upon a treasure trove of entirely new memes that you haven't seen before.


Not only do you get to make your own memes (that's new content for ya) and see the memes that other people have been able to make (also new content for ya), the discovery section of the app brings the new memes to you. The app takes the most interesting memes from the community and uses an algorithm to prioritize the best ones, and ones based on your interests. It's literally new meme content before your eyes.

You Get to Take Creativity Into Your Own Hands

Before the memes app, you might have been thinking of making memes, but weren't sure how to do it. And learning difficult editing software has always been a barrier to entry. But with the memes app, it actually couldn't be easier to make a meme. We're serious. Go make one and time yourself. You'll be stunned with how quickly you created something cool.

Now that you've got the tools, all you need is the ideas. Let your imagination run free and create those hilarious memes you've always been thinking of but just had no idea how to actually make. You might be the next great meme maker of the 21st century. Here's your chance.

Alright, why are you still reading this? Go make some memes already on the memes app!

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