Make Your Business Go Viral With Memes


Fact: Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other type of content. We think that alone is enough to convince someone about memes. They truly do make a difference.

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Okay, we're going to throw another fact at you: 32% of marketers say that visual images (memes!) are the most important type of content for business, with blogging come in second at 27%. Again...MEMES.

You might be wondering how you can make your business gain traction with memes. Maybe you sell paper clips or bananas, or something you think is boring and not memeable content. Well, we're here to tell you that literally everything in the entire world is memeable content.

Let's do a few case studies. 

Denny's is using some egg humor to brighten up its posts.

Ruffles also won the meme game by inserting their product into a popular meme...

And really killed it with being relatable in this meme right here...

This running company is also great at memes. Yes, a running company...

And, of course, Chipotle knows its stuff...

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And do you see how many likes there are above? Hello! This is all from one meme - that's A LOT much exposure for your brand.

A meme really says something about understanding your audience. Just about every single person out there in the world loves to laugh, and memes achieve that easily and instantly. And once you've got people laughing, you've got people talking about your brand.

If your product is fun and has a young demographic, its a no brainer: memes are going to work.

And if you have a broad or older demographic...memes are still going to work. Like we said, everyone loves to laugh. And memes are so universal because they are so easily understood.

Think about how much more you connect with a brand that uses a funny marketing tactic, rather than one that simply says "Hey! Buy our things!"

A meme produces an immediate reaction from a buyer you're connecting with, providing them with an easy-to-read, shareable, and relatable piece of content. 

When that meme gets shared enough times, people start to recognize it. And when there's a brand name attached to it, that's when you're golden. You'll say, "Hey, remember that funny meme that Jimmy John's made?" And people will say, "Yeah, I do." The next thing you know, you're at Jimmy John's eating a sandwich. 

Alrighty. So how do you make a meme, then? Isn't there a catch in this? Isn't it super difficult?

Nope. Cause there's the Memes app, and you can get it HERE.

With a super user friendly interface, someone with no meme making experience can download the Memes app and literally make a meme within minutes. And then, you can start sharing. Search for memes, share memes with others, and create custom memes of your own all on the Memes app, and then make your business go viral. You can even build a following within the Memes app itself, so people know that your business is a memes force to be reckoned with.

Again, you can get the Memes app HERE and start making your brand viral today!

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