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Men Funded A Scientific Study To Prove That ‘Man Flu’ May Be A Real Thing

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT show this article to your man.

Robin Williams’ Wife Shares His Final 3 Words To Her Just Before He Died

She also answered an important question.

This E! Host Quit After Learning She Makes Half As Much As Her Male Co-Host

Here’s another great woman taking a stand.

Robin Williams' Kind Words To A Sobbing Widow In An Airport Will Make You Miss The Comedian Even More

His kindness will inspire you to live better.

Celebrities Rallied Around This Bullied Child, But People Are Sharing Another Side Of The Story

This went from inspiring to complicated very quickly.

This Couple's Before And After Weight Loss Photos Will Make Your Jaw Drop

And they might just inspire you to make drastic lifestyle changes, too.

Luxurious First-Class Perks That Will Make You Drool

Here's to being poor, I guess...

This Website Made Thin Models Wear Plus-Sized Tights In The Most Ridiculous Way, And People Are Furious

As if tights weren’t annoying enough already.

Scientists Want To Ban Glitter Forever And People Have Mixed Feelings

People have strong opinions about this sparkly object.

Can You Find The Sneaky Cat Hiding In This Picture?

Cats can hide literally anywhere.

This 78-Year-Old Man Eats Roadkill And It Could Land Him In Prison

Feeling hungry?

These Are The Celebrities Who Had To Evacuate Due To The LA Wildfires

Let’s mourn some celebrity mansions, shall we?

A Husband Woke Up After Passing Out From Dehydration And Couldn't Remember His Wife

This story is straight out of a movie.

Everything You Need To Know About The New Mulan, Crystal Liu

She’s beyond skilled.

15 Epic Christmas Design Fails That Will Make You Say 'Wow'

You never knew Christmas could be this dirty.