11 Hilarious Memes You Absolutely Need In Your Life
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The Newest Viral Sensation: GIFs With Sound

Get in on the fun.

Flipbook Proposal is 100x Cooler than Anything I'd Ever Do

I can barely draw a stick figure. Meh.

Watch Dennis Rodman Sing Happy Birthday to Kim Jong-Un in 2014

I think they have a thing going on.

Boiling Water + Water Gun + Cold Temp = AWESOME

Must have.

Rebecca Black is Back (Again)

And it's not Friday.

11 Hilarious Memes You Absolutely Need In Your Life

These memes are the perfect distraction for anyone who's had enough of the world's craziness. Less drama, more funny.

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This Is What Your Body Goes Through 10 Hours After Applying Nail Polish

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This Theory About Disney's 'Aladdin' Will Completely Change The Way You Watch It

Sure, Disney's 'Aladdin' may seem like a fun-loving story, but according to this fan theory, it's really so much more.

This Couple Has A Brutally Ruthless Tipping Policy And People Are Freaking Out

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These 11 Seemingly Harmless Pranks Turned Tragic Very Fast

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